Summer Patio Picks

Sunny days and warm nights are on the horizon!  As we get ready for a beautiful summer, I decided to get a head start on putting a relaxing outdoor space together.  There is nothing better than being able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, especially with friends and family.  Here are some tips to update your outdoor patio area to spend those breezy summer nights:

  • Daytime necessities: You want to be able to have an area where you can cool off and avoid a late afternoon sunburn.  There are so many options for shade.  If you don’t want to put any permanent structures you can choose from many types of cabanas and umbrellas. If you are nervous of having an umbrella in the center of your common area, check out Cantilever umbrellas with weighted bases.  They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors!  
  • Lighting: Lighting can create a mood for your outdoor space. If you have outlets close by you can opt for string lights.  I love the different ways that string lights can be used! Pinterest has shown so many great ideas like hanging lights from posts (if nearby of course) and wrapping lights around railings or garden posts can create lighting from afar.  If you don’t feel like dealing with the turning on and off of electric and the plugging in of wires , then you can avoid all of that with solar options! They make everything you can think of. Solar string lights , garden posts, flood lights , an even decorative light stakes that you arrange through your lawn.
  • Warmth for the outdoors: Thinking of what to do on those cooler nights? A fir pit adds a beautiful touch to any patio and creates a place for everyone to gather! If you are up to doing a little work , you can opt for a stone fire pit , this is a permanent option to add to your space and it will require wood for burning. For those who would like a little less work and no clean up, check out a propane fueled fire table! A quick run to your local hardware store and you will be up and running!
  • Outdoor Furniture: Options are endless, so you want to find what fits in your space and what is truly comfortable. Choosing seating and outdoor sofas are easy when it comes to your own personal touch. Some new items I have been seeing this spring are swinging chairs that add some fun to an area, and I am also loving outdoor pouf ottomans. 
  • For some final touches, I have always loved picking out colorful throw pillows and accent rugs.  When looking, you want to make sure these are for ‘outdoor use’ as many items will be more suitable for UV rays and light weather conditions.  If you have the space, it’s a great idea to have a small outdoor storage bin to keep your cushions and pillows from some of the harsher weather, or you may find yourself leaving everything out to dry after a heavy rain!
Summer patio ideas

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