Green Elegance: Plants for Your Home

The grass is getting greener, and the flowers are blossoming! Springtime beauty is sprouting everywhere you look, so why not spruce up your interiors too!  Plants can serve different purposes in the home all while adding oxygen and elegance.  Whether you have a green thumb or you may not have had much luck, there are plants made for everyone. 

Low Maintenance Luxury

There are so many options that don’t require too much work.  When shopping, try to keep an eye out for plants that don’t need direct sunlight.  Most of these types of house plants require water sparingly and you will have to water once it feels dry.  These plants don’t require a lot of attention but do a great job at cleaning the air in your home! 

Pothos Plant

Peace Lily 

Rex Begonia

A Little Work , Lot’s of Beauty 

Beyond their health and wellness benefits, plants also add a unique aesthetic dimension to interior design. Whether you opt for towering palms, cascading vines, or compact succulents, each plant brings its own personality and charm to a space. These may require a little more attention, but they grow some beautiful flowers.

African Violet 

Wax Begonia 


Herbs – Edible greens!

It’s always nice to have some small planters with fresh herbs in your kitchen.  You can start many herbs from seed, or you can find them in small starter planters at your local grocery store.  Most kitchen herbs only require a small amount of water to keep them growing and they are perfect for when you want to add flavor to a dish. They don’t take much room and you can snip off the perfect amount needed when cooking.  Some of my favorites are Dill ,Rosemary ,and Basil!

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