Libby’s 5 Fast Design Updates for Any Room

Depending on what part of the country you live in, Spring may be taking its sweet old time to actually arrive.  So, if you’re not able to tackle your garden design yet, have some fun with the interior design of your home by spicing up your space with some hot trends and fresh looks and these changes you can make happen in no time flat!  Even incorporating just one of these ideas can help you look at your old space in a brand new way, and that’s what Spring is really all about!

  • Bold colors are the buzz for 2024.  We are ready to leave the safety of tan, and have some fun with Orangey/ Coral, teal blue, greens,– whatever the shade, color adds a feeling of warmth to any space.  Having the newest hue in your home can instantly revive a space that is looking tired and make the furniture you already have look completely fresh.  It’s a little much to paint an entire room, so just choose an accent wall and paint that one wall for a whole new look!
  • Wallpaper is back in a big way!  Peel and stick wallpaper is a super-fast way to update the look of one wall maybe your sofa or bed is on or even just the back of a bookcase.  The patterns are  as diverse as they’ve ever been, classic, modern, earthy and they come in every color combination and style you could possibly hope for – wallpaper is a license to have some fun!
  • Add a new area rug in a bold bright pattern for a pop of color or incorporate a new neutral rug to make a space feel comfortable and inviting.  The key is to go for as large of a rug as possible, you want to make sure you don’t cover up any floor vents you have but a bigger rug will make your room feel larger and expansive.   There are all sorts of rugs that can be ordered online and in a matter of days your room can have an entirely new vibe!  
  • Bring in new lamps or lighting to spice up your space and lighten and brighten a room, the taller the lamp the better and be sure to use nice bright high wattage bulbs.  For LED bulbs the warm white tones are better than what they call “daylight”, that’s a bluer light that looks a little more fluorescent and cold.  Lamps are also a great opportunity to bring in a pop of color to make a style statement and perk up a room in no time! 
  • Hang new large artwork to add drama and create a dynamic design in any room, if you don’t have one large piece group together several smaller pieces and hang them together as a gallery wall.  There are lots of options of big bold artwork available at big box home décor stores and the pieces don’t have to be expensive but the larger they are the more expensive they will look.  Have some fun and take a chance with an artwork style and color that’s unexpected like maybe a big colorful abstract painting or a large botanical print or landscape painting, it’s all about bringing in a new look for a fresh design feel!   

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