Dining in Design: Update your Dining Room

It’s time for another Spring refresh! Our dining rooms can be the center of family gathering, sharing meals, doing homework, holiday wrapping central, our dining rooms have probably seen it all!  You may be looking to upgrade the look of your dining room while keeping the furniture you have already purchased and love.  Here are some tips to breathe new life into your dining area for your family to enjoy! 

Make your Furniture Feel New

Now, you can swap out old chairs for new ones that complement the existing table, but you can also try changing out the fabric of your original chairs.  There are many options for new upholstery and with a quick Google search you can probably find a skilled Reupholstery company in your area.  For chairs without fabric, you can choose to add cushions or slipcovers, the great thing about these options is that most are removeable and can easily be cleaned!  If your eye keeps catching those small dents or scratches you can spend some time on fixing the small areas with some stain or paint touch ups that have been on your to-do list as well.

Adding Rugs & Window Treatments

Fabric can add depth and texture to any room.  Changing up the colors of a throw rug can help create a whole new color scheme to an outdated dining room.  Maybe you started out with neutral warm colors and now you may find that you want to add something brighter to stand out.  On the other side you may have started out highlighting certain colors in your dining room and now choose to use more natural, crisp tones.  After choosing a carpet, you can add accessories to make certain colors stand out.

Update your Lighting

Install new light fixtures above the dining table to enhance the ambiance of the space. Consider pendant lights, a chandelier, or wall sconces to add visual interest. This is an easy fix to creating your new look.  If you are happy with your lighting, you may think about upgrading the hardware.  Thanks to all the new smart home technology, you may want to check out smart bulbs.  There are now so many options that can even connect to an app or remote and allow you to change the color a tone of your lighting!

“New” Walls

The biggest area of your new project will be your walls, but probably the most fun! Paint the walls a new color or add wallpaper to create a focal point or accent wall. A fresh coat of paint can instantly update the look of a room. Adding wallpaper may seem like a big project but now there are so many options that make a less permanent and easy change to your space. Peel & Stick wallpaper has come a very long way! One of my favorite places to look is Spoonflower.com. They have some amazing patterns and designs in every color you can imagine! 

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Mirrors, artwork, fresh plants, oh my! Add some new accessories such as a table runner, a new centerpiece, or wall art to inject personality into the room. These smaller items can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Add houseplants or fresh flowers to the dining room to bring in natural elements and add a touch of freshness to the space. All the little “finishing touches” will pull your dining room together and you can feel like you are looking at a newly designed room, enjoy your new space!

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