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Thanks for checking out some of my interior projects; I do all sorts of different design styles, and it’s so much fun to work all over the country and create homes that reflect my client's style!

Greenwich Village Colorful Townhouse

It’s not too often as a designer you get to design a 5-story NYC townhouse as a single-family home, but the young couple that bought this property are just as cool as their townhouse is! They adore traveling all over the world, love fashion and enjoy chic hotel style and they have collected lots of fabulous items on their travels. They enjoy entertaining and know that these spaces, indoor and outdoor, could work for them in a lot of different ways so the first order of business was finding the perfect furniture layouts for each area. Next was to come up with different colorways for all the different rooms, choose fabrics, furniture items, lighting, rugs and all the final finishes to fully realize each design scheme.  The client chose several different wallpapers for each hallway on every floor so they all felt fun, interesting and curated and she also chose lots of different artwork pieces that infused the spaces with pops of bold color.  I love to listen and learn about what clients enjoy the most in life and then start to build designs around those things, I think it helps ensure they will love where they live for a very long time!       

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