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Thanks for checking out some of my interior projects; I do all sorts of different design styles, and it’s so much fun to work all over the country and create homes that reflect my client's style!

Mod Art Style Montclair, NJ

This was a fantastic home my clients bought right after the construction was completed, lots of open spaces, flooded with natural light, dark wood floors, and beautiful bright white woodwork throughout.  They are big art collectors and have a very eclectic taste which is fun because there are so many different mediums and artwork styles for the various spaces. They wanted to keep the furnishings minimal and lean but still with a stylish point of view that would act as another layer and foundation to support the artwork.  We did have fun with pops of color, and the client fell in love with a traditional wallpaper for the dining room, we paired it with contemporary colorful ceramics for the dining table, but a very traditional trim tape on the dining room drapes. I never feel like someone’s home must only showcase one design style, it can have varying elements of different looks they like, the elements just need to be pulled together at the end so there are some common threads to keep the home feeling cohesive and the design focused. Most importantly is to live with items you LOVE!    

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