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Thanks for checking out some of my interior projects; I do all sorts of different design styles, and it’s so much fun to work all over the country and create homes that reflect my client's style!

Las Masseria Ristorante, NYC

This was my very first commercial interior design project and my goal was to create a warm, inviting dining atmosphere reminiscent of a true masseria. In the region of Puglia, in Southern Italy, a masseria is a fortified farmhouse, and many of them in Italy have now been transformed into restaurants or hotels.

We wanted rustic-and-relaxed with plenty of old-world charm, using a wide mix of textures and materials was also important in achieving the restaurant’s theme. Oversized iron sconces, I designed were custom made from antique wrought iron gates which punctuate the burnished, textured walls. Artful displays of antique farm tools are mixed with authentic Italian photographs. The owners and I selected all stones framing the arched wines bins along the long wall, which actually used to be windows overlooking a public park that had terrible fluorescent lighting, so I filled them in for wine storage.  I also designed the eight-foot double height chandelier at the rear of the restaurant which features three antique wagon wheels with a total of 30 lights. Now, almost 16 years after La Masseria first opened their doors I think the design of a welcoming restaurant with all the Italian nostalgia and charm, not to mention fabulous food and service still stands the test of design time!

La Masseria Ristorante NYC Commercial Interior Design Project

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