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Thanks for checking out some of my interior projects; I do all sorts of different design styles, and it’s so much fun to work all over the country and create homes that reflect my client's style!

Cool and Creative in Short Hills NJ

This was a really fun project to work on because the client was in fashion and she was a designer herself, she knew looks and design ideas she had in her head but needed help in executing them and coming up with an overall game plan. 

She was totally creative and was never afraid to think outside the box, she loved pattern, color, and bold statement pieces.  They just bought the house and did a major renovation so the budget was huge for furnishings but I knew the new pieces that would work with some of their existing pieces and give them a bang for the buck.  They also had two young daughters so we wanted to create a really happy, family-friendly vibe throughout all the spaces.  I LOVE working with people that have innovative and interesting design ideas on their own, it’s my job to help them bring that vision to life in a way that’s fabulous and functional!  

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