Cient Testimonials

I have some great clients, and they have some nice things to say about my service and my team.

After 10 minutes of talking with Libby – I was SOLD

“Libby is an amazingly talented woman who is a complete pleasure to work with. She spends time to get to know her clients and designs and space that feels right for them. Libby has terrific style and is so adaptable to what her client wants. She “gets it” right away.  I was a reluctant client initially, as I had worked at an interior design firm and did not want the “designer look”.  After 10 minutes of talking with Libby – I was SOLD. Several projects later, my husband and I are so happy to have worked with Libby on multiple homes and even happier to call her a friend. We have recommended her to several friends and all have been completely happy.”

Catherine Vitale

We recommend her with our highest enthusiasm!

“Libby Langdon is truly amazing. The task we put her to was daunting: fully renovating an 8000 square foot 9 bedroom 1830”s colonial revival house, as well as an outdoor space and a separate guest house on the property.  Libby initiated the project with an extensive series of discussions to get to know us and our tastes, and then methodically offered a range of design options for each room in the house along with a room-by-room estimated budget.  The options she offered were always so thoughtful and demonstrated how uniquely skilled she is in understanding individual tastes after interacting with a client for only a short period of time. During the project Libby was always completely accessible to discuss issues that arose, no matter how trivial. Her staff was always incredibly attentive and efficient as well, offering an overall plan for the house and guesthouse, and detailed drawings of furnishings for each room, along with invoices itemizing the cost of each piece of furniture.  Libby’s signature approach to place all of the furnishings in the house in a single day made her tremendous end result seem even more magical!  We couldn’t be more pleased by both the outcome and the entire process.  Most importantly, we loved the tremendous enthusiasm and spark Libby brought to the project.  She is an amazing human being with so many qualities that endeared us to her. We recommend her with our highest enthusiasm!”

Richard Mulligan

We have hired Libby three times to date.

“We have hired Libby three times to date. The first time, she helped up with our weekend home in Sag Harbor.  We wanted a fresh, modern and inviting style as we have guests often.  Libby was amazing! She listened to our concerns and presented us with creative ideas. The big reveal was beautiful.  We get so many compliments from friends and family.  Unfortunately our home had a flood so we needed Libby’s help a second time with the home as the contents got ruined, but Libby was right there with us to redesign layouts, reorder furniture and other items to recreate our beautiful home. She also helped my husband arrange for contents to go to storage and back while we were fixing the flood damage. She went above and beyond! Lastly Libby also helped us design our NYC apartment.  It was a rental so we had a tighter budget and Libby complied in all respects.  She also came up with creative uses for the space and she bought the most beautiful pieces for the apartment.  It is so cozy and beautiful. Libby is the best designer to work with (and we have worked with others) because she listens, is creative, doesn’t push outrageous ideas that wouldn’t work for our family, produces beautiful product, and is an absolute joy to work with (always smiling and positive).”

Laurie Turk

Libby, is a joy to work with – patient, upbeat, pragmatic, responsive

“Libby Interiors Inc. is a wonderful company.  It’s driving force, Libby, is a joy to work with – patient, upbeat, pragmatic, responsive and most importantly, incredibly talented. Libby knows how to tailor her interiors to her clients tastes, lifestyle, and budget. She will not push anything on you, yet she will guide you in the right direction. The design process is a wonderful cooperation.  The design result is nothing short of stunning.  Libby’s interiors are warm and welcoming, fashionable but homey, and wonderful to live in. I could not recommend her and her team more highly.”


Libby and her team were super amazing to work with…

“Libby and her team were super amazing to work with and transformed my NYC townhouse into the luxurious home I was hoping for. Libby made it super easy for me to make selections on everything from all of our furniture, rugs, lighting, paint colors etc. and even Knick knacks. She went above and beyond accommodating me to make everything perfect and added every extra touch I could imagine. She blended comfort and style to make it a magazine worthy home, reflecting the surrounding NYC vibe. Her service was unbelievable and truly cannot be beat, she is a true shining star.” Kristy Patel

Kristy Patel

Clearly, Libby was attentive to our needs

“Libby transformed my apartment from a broken down disaster to an elegant, warm and inviting home.  On the day of the installation, I had tears in my eyes as I thanked her for the metamorphosis that had taken place; the deflated pallor was now vibrant. It has been 2 months since the installation and we still love every piece she selected even more than the first day and we now love sharing our home with family and loved ones. Clearly, Libby was attentive to our needs capturing the style and aesthetic we wanted- she is talented at what she does, a true professional. If you want your home to have a combination of a wow factor and livability, you have to work with Libby!!”

Lauren Turk

Highly recommend!

“ I worked with Libby to design my new living room. I’d never hired an interior designer before, but I was having a hard time settling on a layout for my larger than average room. A friend, who had worked with Libby, recommended I reach out to her.  Not only was the result beautiful and even better than I envisioned, but working with her was a delight.  Libby is very friendly, has an awesome upbeat personality, and is incredibly down to earth. She was happy to work with the budget I gave her, and was respectful of my own ideas and tastes. She was also very efficient and professional when it cam to the time we spent together working on the project, which I appreciated. Her knowledge of design and access to different furniture makers was truly impressive. What I paid for her services was completely offset by what I saved in furniture cost.  My living room is now my favorite room in the house, and my guests have all been very impressed by how beautiful it looks.  Highly recommend!”

Renata Araujo

Libby also works very efficiently and accomplished

“Libby is everything we wanted and needed in an interior designer.  She began the process of designing our entire house by taking the time to get to know us in terms of our tastes, our lifestyle, our goals, and our budget. Libby worked very quickly to come up with alternative room layouts, furniture and fabric selections, window treatments, etc.  She successfully balanced soliciting input and providing her own opinion and expertise which made it a very collaborative experience.  She also does a great job of advising on where to invest vs. where to save and we appreciated her approach of mixing high end pieces with low-cost items to help us stay on budget while not compromising on quality or style.  Libby also works very efficiently and accomplished so much in a short amount of time.  We are very grateful to her for making our house a home which we will enjoy for years to come.” 

Amanda Grainger